Affiliates Earn 10% Commission on Their Referring Sales And 10% From Their Sub-Affiliates Sales.

As a Log 6ix™ Affiliate you'll quickly understand why our program is rapidly becoming one of the best conversion rates in the pet product industry. With over 30,000 Facebook likes, an arsenal of proprietary pet products, and breakthrough technology in Odor Elimination, the sky is the limit for our Texas based company.

Our Affiliates will be provided with a variety of banners and text links to promote our products. You will also be given access to a dashboard to help you keep track of everyone you send our way. You will be able to see all clicks, sales and the amount you have earned from promoting the products.

Our Scientists have spent the past seven years redefining the way pet owners eliminate organic odors, including pet urine. This new form of technology doesn’t use enzymes, cover-ups or an odor trapping method; instead we’ve discovered a way to eliminate the odor at its source.

Now it's possible to completely eliminate the smell of pet urine from all surfaces including: carpet, hardwoods, concrete, and tile. And what’s amazing is that it’s all done with “NATURAL FRUIT ACIDS,” such as Apple Pectin, so no harsh chemicals around your family or your pets.

Ban the odor, not the pet! / 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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