College Subscription Services (CSS) is one of the largest educational magazine subscription agencies in the country. We’ve been servicing students and educators with their magazine needs since 1974. Our customers save up to 90% off the cover price on popular magazines like Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker and hundreds more. Our website, located at, lists nearly all of our magazines, in an easy to use, modern format. We offer many coupons and discounts throughout the year, and there is an active, updated datafeed for those affiliates who enjoy using them. CSS offers a competitive commission base of 30%, on an average order of about $40

Why should you work with CSS?
High Commissions---we offer affiliates a base commission of 30% of the sale. That’s an average of $14 per sale!
Huge Selection----we offer hundreds of magazine titles, for a very diverse audience. From Time Magazinee to Newsweek, Sports Illustrated to ESPN, Cosmopolitan to Good Housekeeping, our selection is sure to appeal to a wide variety of your customers’ interests.
Competitive Prices—Because we are an educational magazine agency, publishers will give us some of the best rates they offer on their magazines. We usually have the lowest publisher authorized rates, and if we don’t, we offer our customers a Double Guarantee to ensure they can shop with confidence.
Eye Catching Banners—Our banners are colorful, attractive, and get clicks. We have general and magazine specific banners, in a variety of sizes.
Coupon Codes---from time to time we will offer affiliates coupon codes so customers can save even more money!

Use to attract college students , teachers, parents, etc. when shopping for school necessities, clothes, books, etc.

Interested? Contact Vince Wolff, Director of Marketing, via email. with any questions. Thank you.