Designed to be the perfect baby carrier!

HIPSTER™ PLUS Next Generation 3D Baby Carrier



"The most comfortable and practical baby carrier on the planet. 


— Jessica K, Los Angeles


Affiliate Program Overview

Ciao! We are Alessandro and Cecilia (and Mia!), co-founders of MiaMily, a Swiss brand. We are also parents of baby Mia, who absolutely loves to be carried and stay close to us whether we are at home in Switzerland, or traveling around the world.

As parents, we are always searching for ways to simplify our lives and to find ways to minimize any unnecessary frustrations that comes with parenting. We are also conscious that just because we want to be good parents, it shouldn’t mean that we have to sacrifice the design and aesthetics of a solid product.

Using our first hand experience with our daughter, we aim to bring you high-end, quality, ergonomic products, to provide smart solutions for smart babies.


Our current prices are:

  • $175 / HIPSTER PLUS


Available Colors:



  • Healthy for baby's hips

Avoid hip-dysplasia and provide proper seat

  • Versatile and practical

Carry in 6-9 different positions. Big pocket.

  • Good to parent's back

No more back pains from carrying the baby

  • Swiss Quality Brand

Developed & tested by Swiss experts



Why Choose Us


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