I am excited to tell you about our online luxury mattress company. First, our average sale is $999, and it carries a commission of 5% which is paid between 35 to 40 days after delivery. Our website does the work for you. We sell an incredible product at an unheard of price. At Loom & Leaf, we ask everyone to think intelligently about the benefits a consumer receives by dealing with an online only company. Mattress stores are burdened with excessive commercial rents, high utility costs and maintenance expenses. These costs are added into the price of their products, even if some portion of their business is done on line. Loom & Leaf offers a world class comfort level mattress which adjusts to any body size, shape or weight, modeled after the great night's sleep offered by the world's premiere hotels. Loom & Leaf has found the sweet spot for comfort and quality through its cooling gel and ultra-premium eco-friendly memory foam. We offer our customers detailed spec sheets for them to comparison shop. The customer that takes us up on that challenge, is our best customer. When a consumer brings our spec sheet to a mattress store, they will find that to buy a mattress of Loom and Leaf''s quality, they will need to spend about $2,600.00 (queen set). Again, we sell ours for $999.00, because of our efficient "no store philosophy" Please take the time to check out our website at www.loomandleaf.com. This is an extraordinary program for an aggressive online marketer. We are totally transparent and we spell out everything for our customers. This product simply exceeds expectations on a daily basis. Just as our customers do, you will love being a part of Loom & Leaf. Let's be partners and help each other build our businesses. Thank you, Ron Rudzin Pres.& CEO Loom & Leaf Inc.