Why ReMARKable Whiteboard Paint?
Because You Get More Idea Space for Your Dollar

With a Whiteboard Wall, you are no longer confined to the limited boundaries and area of a traditional whiteboard. You can break all traditional rules and write on the wall, and even completely cover the wall with your thoughts and brainstorm power.

Cover your walls with ReMARKable ideas using whiteboard paint for 80% less than the cost of a traditional whiteboard
How It Works
ReMARKable™ is a whiteboard paint kit that turns any surface into a dry erase board.

ReMARKable™ can be applied to nearly any painted surface. One simple step turns drywall, plaster, metal, or tile into a dry-erase surface. Once your surface is ReMARKable, you can write on it using low odor dry-erase markers or apply stickers to it, then wipe it clean and do it again!

ReMARKable™ is available in Clear and White in the following kit sizes:
35 sq ft $120.00
50 sq ft $225.00
100 sq ft $315.00
200 sq ft $630.00
600 sq ft $1200.00

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