What is RankPay?

In 2007 we realized that the SEO industry was ill-suited to help small business owners. So we pioneered pay for performance SEO, an affordable and low-risk way to earn higher rankings in the search engines.

Small businesses often can't afford expensive SEO retainer fees. So we did away with them. Instead, we only bill clients if we earn them results.

“if you don’t rank, you don’t pay!”

Getting clients onboarded is an incredibly easy process, and doesn’t even require a traditional SEO quote request. Leads can simply enter their domain, enter a few keywords they want to rank for, and see near-instant pricing.

The whole process can take less than a few minutes. Since we only charge if rankings are improved to a certain minimum entry point, it’s free for clients to sign up.

Our ShareASale affiliate program offers a $25 bounty per signup. If you reach more than 20 signups in one month, we’ll bump that bounty to $50.

We’ve proudly served thousands of business owners, ranked over 4,000 keywords on page 1 of Google, and now offer both social marketing and blog management services. In fact, we create over 5,000 unique pieces of content each and every month.

So what are you waiting for? If you think your site and/or skills make you a good fit for our program, go ahead and apply! We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Please note: We can only pay out bounties on new client submissions that pass our internal approval and review process. If a new client does not “activate” their keywords before the transaction lock date, the commission will be voided and not paid out.