The Dark Knot ( offers contemporary hand made woven and printed silk neckties of the highest quality. We were founded with the simple but often elusive goal of helping men dress stylistically, with luxurious product that can be worn at any occasion, at a fraction of the price of your traditional high end retailers. The Dark Knot was founded on two principles: (1) Democratizing Luxury, and thereby making neckties of the highest quality affordable. (2) Helping men dress stylistically. Hence, each necktie comes with a card with recommendations for matching suits and shirts. Additionally, we feature a content rich blog that is geared towards helping aspiring Dapper Gentlemen find their sense of style. The Dark Knot offers contemporary hand made silk ties across three price points: $55 (70% of the collection): $69 (10% of the collection) and $85 (approximately 20% of the collection). The pricing tier is the result of the yarn count of silk that we use for the respective neckties. While all of our neckties use silk with a high yarn count, our luxury ($59) and premium line ($85) use very high yarn silk count, resulting in ties that are of comparable quality to what traditional high end retailers would offer for 2x their price. We are currently offering a 10% commission on all products sold, which for our higher end lines, could result in substantial income! Additionally, we offer 15 day cookies. We have recently launched our lines of Pocket Squares and Lapel Flowers, and have temporarily lowered our commission rates for this thanksgiving season!