VProCity Vape Co. Affiliate Program

About vprocity.com

Vprocity.com retails and distributes vape related products, including starter kits, batteries, Mods, tanks, e-Liquid and accessories. We offer the most popular products at extremely competitive prices, which results in a high conversion rate for any incoming traffic. Our excellent customer service and expertise in vaping enable us to obtain a very high retention rate.

Our Competitive Advantages:

  1. We only carry the top vaping brands and products: we constantly do thorough product research and carefully pick the best products to offer for each market segment. All of our hardware comes from direct manufacturers to insure quality and authenticity.
  2. We have highly competitive price (5-10% lower than other online retailers)
  3. We have excellent customer service, fast shipping, 30-day warranty and a 7-day hassle-free returns

Program Highlights

Commission Rate: 10% for every sale and up to 30% special commissions.
Our average order size ranges from $20 - $500 with the average of $70.
We have a higher conversion rate than the industry average
We send frequent newsletters with program updates
We have banners ready for you and we update frequently
We have multiple sponsors on Youtube and keep very active social media presence

We are here for you:

If you have any questions or comments with regards to the VProCity Vape Co.'s affiliate program, please feel free to e-mail us at vprocity@vprocity.com


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