Based in downtown Manhattan, WILLIAM ABRAHAM is the eponymous label founded by William Abraham "Bram" Frankel, Jr.

Inspired by exquisite suiting fabric and impeccably tailored suits, WILLIAM ABRAHAM introduces a new elegance and an innovative sartorial approach to the world of fine socks for men. The collection elevates socks to that of an esteemed and befitting garment in the well-heeled man’s discerning wardrobe.

WILLIAM ABRAHAM’s sophisticated approach fills a sorely overlooked void. Until now, the market has been limited to two types of sock styles: either an old - school, commoditized casual style, or else a flashy, trendy style made with typical fabrications. Distinguishing itself from both the traditional and the trendy, WILLIAM ABRAHAM offers a new option for the style-savvy gent - fine socks with modern elegance and sartorial sophistication.

WILLIAM ABRAHAM values style over fashion, and craftsmanship over commodity. Knit from nature’s finest “noble” fibers like Cashmere, Merino Wool, Belize Cotton, Fil D’Ecosse Cotton, Mulberry Silk, and ultra-rare fibers like Vicuña and Cervelt, the WILLIAM ABRAHAM collection embodies a continuous search for the world’s finest yarns and craftsmanship.


  1. Fine/Thin Gauge:
    For WILLIAM ABRAHAM, elegance demands a slightly thinner sock for its rich, yet subtle natural luster. This is achieved by using finer gauge yarns and significantly higher needle counts.

  2. Noble Fibers:
    Unlike most socks which are typically knit with a commercial grade synthetic yarn blend, the majority of WILLIAM ABRAHAM styles are designed exclusively with 100% natural noble fibers in the body of the sock in order to create a more elegant aesthetic, softer hand and more breathable fabric.

  3. Over-The-Calf:
    The majority of the collection is comprised of the “gentleman’s silhouette” or over-the-calf length, which is distinctly more elegant, luxurious and sophisticated than the standard mid-calf length and includes the added benefit of not falling down.

  4. Intimate Fit:
    Rather than “one-size-fits-all” or three general sizes, WILLIAM ABRAHAM socks are made in multiple sizes for a closer, more intimate fit.

Four permanent collections, each with distinct elements and aesthetic personalities:

  1. RAKE: texture, color, pattern, verve
  2. CLASSIC: solid color rib and flat knits
  3. ATELIER: design inspired, unique knitting techniques
  4. LIMITED: limited editions of the world’s rarest fibers

With by far the largest variety of fine-fabric socks and over-the-calf socks, the WILLIAM ABRAHAM collection is the fine sock destination for modern elegance and sartorial sophistication.

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