Our mission is to help folks "Drive Safe. Drive Smart." and save lives! To that end, we provide licensed programs backed by 35 years of experience in driving safety education. Students enjoy a first-class web experience through innovative technology & interactive lessons with pleasing graphics and an unprecedented ease-of-use in our market space. The quality of our offering and the user experience will reflect very well on your brand. Give it a try yourself! You'll be glad you did…

Benefits of partnering?

There are thousands of people that seek defensive driving & traffic schools every day. Once you join our program, you earn $3.00 anytime a visitor from your site clicks into our site and enrolls in one of our Courses. We handle everything from there. We're State/Court-approved in California and Texas and we provide the latest in technology, a pleasing and valuable experience for our students. We provide 24-hour student support and manage all the administrative tasks, including free delivery of certificates to our students upon course completion.