The Relax Infrared Sauna is considered a medical device by the FDA. The Relax Sauna radiator is the most advanced of any FIR Light generator, and generates the purest, cleanest, most intense soothing light of any FIR Sauna that we have encountered. The Sit-Up version of the Relax Sauna uses 1500 watts of energy, and generates a very intense healing light energy. The Lie-down Relax Sauna has one radiator producing 1000 watts of energy. We even have a very affordable Energy "healing" lamp as part of our offerings. Both have computer-programmed ceramic semi-conductor chips that filters out all NON-healing energies and a reflecting tent that penetrates deep into human tissues over and over and over again. Unlike a tanning bed, the Relax Sauna will NEVER burn the skin. However, the FIR heat will open the pores in the skin and provoke the body to sweat out waste and toxins. It is portable and we have been selling this amazing healing device for over a decade. Go to our webpage to read and watch over 100 testimonials from users. here: Users have told us it has helped with: losing weight; with arthritis pain; cancer pain; leg, knee, back, and other aches and pains, improving metabolism, helping to prevent illness (including colds & flu), detox toxins (especially heavy metals) and much, much more. Medical Doctors and other health professionals use it daily for themselves and their patients (see our testimonials). Easy to use and set-up (just five minutes) will fit in a suit case and travels anywhere. Visit our website and you may find you have to have one for yourself too. We offer total support for marketing and help for our affiliates. Banner ads, and more. Just call us (or visit our website: Studies show one out of three Americans are in pain. Make money while helping people feel better. We look forward to working with you.