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Infused with fruit flavors, Hint’s healthy flavored water is a great alternative to sugary drinks while still being delicious! It’s vegan, gluten-free, and kosher with no GMOs, no preservatives, and no added sweeteners. Our fruit infused water has just enough natural fruit flavoring to make it taste great without any diet sweeteners or other sketchy ingredients like some other flavored water brands have. *Please note hint® only ships online orders to the Continental U.S.

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Allowed Traffic: We are looking to partner with content, blog and social affiliates to help us promote hint®'s products. At this time, we are not approving additional discount or coupon focused sites in the program. Commission rates vary, with affiliates often earning $10/sale.

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Our affiliate bloggers love to share their stories about cutting down or quitting sugar. This journey often starts with replacing soda drinks with a tasty, healthier option - like hint® water. Drink more water, write about your experience, and recommend your affiliate link to hint® water in your post!
Here's a great example: I Cut Sugar for 30 Days and the Results Were Astounding

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