Decibullz sells custom molded earplugs that are quickly & easily molded by you to the exact shape of your ears.

Decibullz delivers an amazing custom earplug for a fraction of the price. Decibullz is the only re-moldable custom earplug on the market. This means you can keep shaping them until you get the perfect fit. Decibullz don’t fall out, they don’t hurt, and they do an excellent job at protecting your hearing.

The Decibullz audience includes hunters and shooters, law enforcement, industrial workers, musicians, and concertgoers, as well as general costumers that want to block out different loud and annoying sounds.

Strong affiliate candidates include websites that appeal to hunting sports, DIYers, and general hearing health.

Decibullz is committed to continuing our innovation with the design and launch of new and exciting products in the future.

Program Overview:

We manually review each affiliate application and we accept only those applicants who we feel are appropriate for our audiences.

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