TargetPhoto Affiliate Program Exclusive Only in ShareASale!



TargetPhoto Affiliate Program Live in ShareASale!




Join the TargetPhoto Affiliate Program, now live in ShareASale Network, and bring home picture-perfect commissions.  No matter where your photos are - Facebook or on your desktop - Target Photo helps you create and customize everything from calendars to phone cases to canvas.  Create & Customize today!


target300x250_72295_s.jpg Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliate Payout: 5% of post-discount sales*
  • $21 AOV  
  • 3% CR

Other T&Cs:

  • *Only Ship to Home sales are included in the affiliate payout.  Print to Store sales are not included.
  • Paid search engine marking is allowed, with the exception of trademark bidding. Bidding on trademark terms, trademark +, misspellings or any variation thereof is strictly prohibited. Must use below keywords as negatives: target,
  • Direct Linking is prohibited. The use of redirected pages and links to send a user to our site is prohibited. For example, you may not have a PPC link on a search engine that redirects the user to our site.
  • Domain forwarding is prohibited - you may not purchase a domain and set it to forward directly to our site using your affiliate link.
  • Only approved codes found in the Affiliate Networks are allowed.
  • All affiliates must use the most up to date creative from the Affiliate Networks, and may not list expired promotions.
  • Orders are subject to reversals within 30 days of being processed.
  • Email affiliates are encouraged to be a part of the program and will be approved on a case by case basis. All email affiliates must be CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Any affiliate found to be in violation of the above terms is subject to commission reversals and removal from the program.


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For More Information Contact:
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lbricker [at]