Olfactif, hailed by Elle, Allure, and Glamour magazines, is the first and only monthly perfume subscription box. We're absolutely crazy about scent.

Around the first of each month, we surprise subscribers with some of the finest and hardest-to-find perfume samples from niche artists around the world. Our samples aren't those tiny vials you get at the department store; we give subscribers 2.25 ml of each scent in a glass spray vial, and each vial has enough for 15 - 20 wearings. We also give customers an $18 credit to put toward a full bottle of a featured scent every month.

For referred subscriptions, our affiliates will be awarded $5 - $20, depending on the referred subscription level sold, and a generous commission for full bottles of perfume and other products in the store.

Subscription Level-based Commission:

Additionally, affiliates will receive 10% of any referred perfumes sold.

Questions? Reach out at affiliate@olfactif.com