iMovR designs and manufactures the broadest line of products in the office wellness furniture industry, including adjustable-height standing desks and meeting tables, treadmill desks, standing mats, and a variety of ergonomic accessories. Our products are state of the art, featuring ultra-durable and ultra-gorgeous 3D laminated desktops as well as high-end solid wood options. All of our desks are made-in-America and feature industry-leading warranties. Average order size is $1,000, with average desk orders being over $2000. Our standing desk workstations range in price from $300 to 8,000 fully-loaded. Our target audience is 50/50 female/male, generally over 35 years of age (younger in tech-forward geographies), employed in sedentary jobs; e.g. tech industry workers, lawyers, CPAs, writers, brokers, health care administrators - think about anyone who is strapped to a computer most of the day. With the work-from-home trend post-covid our sales have exploded, as you might imagine. So now is a great time to participate in this market. Visit our Work@Home Collection to see the top-selling products post-covid. These are our products that are either completely factory pre-assembled or require only 3 to 8 minute assembly not with no toolbox required. We have multiple commission tiers depending on your business type: Tier 0: Coupon sites. These are disallowed. Please don't bother applying. Tier 1: True content sites that write thoughtful, well-researched articles that focus on wellness or productivity, and specifically for the modern day desk worker, whether commercial office or home-based. We like to see sites with real expertise in ergonomics, furniture, architecture and design, general health, rehab and kinesiology, commercial real estate and modern office trends, for example. These sites earn a 3% commission on all transactions. Tier 2: Real product review sites that do more than just list a bunch of products with affiliate links but actually describe the many advantages of iMovR products over the competition. You can get promoted from Tier 1 to Tier 2 after a sufficient number of transactions have been produced to prove to us that you have the content and the audience that aligns with our brand and our products. Commission rate for Tier 2 is at our discretion and invitation, and maxes at 6%. We love to work collaboratively with our affiliates to educate the marketplace on the many benefits and equipment options when it comes to active workstations and ergonomic accessories. If you need graphics, photography, base copy, special links or anything else that you do not find here on Share-a-Sale please contact us at for assistance.