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Welcome Affiliates!

What is Bluum?

Featured in TIME, Pregnancy & Newborn,, DailyCandy Kids, and Mom Trends, Bluum delivers monthly boxes containing five full-size, top-rated products curated just for you and your little one (from pregnancy to pre-k). It's like having your own personal shopper deliver products you'll adore, right to your front door!

Bluum has a team of expert M.O.M.'s (managers of merchandising) who spend their days trying new products, meeting and getting to know brands. It's their mission to evaluate whether a brand is a good fit to join the lineup of Bluum's products. Doing that, the team applies hard criteria to make sure we only send responsibly sourced, free of dangerous chemicals and in most cases organically manufactured products that are healthy for baby and mom. Bluum currently works with more than 350 brands and over 1,000 different products.

How does it work?

The products in each Bluum box are chosen by a team of mom's that speak to more than 500 brands, attend trade shows and scour social media to find the latest new products. The same moms then curate the product selection. In addition, your box is guaranteed to be valued at $45 or more with a diverse product mix that matches your child's age, gender and developmental stage. The age range begins with our pregnancy line where products are covering the life of a soon-to-be mom and a few items for the growing child. The baby line covers monthly boxes from newborn to 12 months. Toddlers range from 13 to 36 months and are followed by pre-K and pre-school boxes for children all the way up to 5 years and beyond.

Why Should I sign up?

If you're an existing blogger or Bluum subscriber, earn commission for what you're already doing! Simply add some Bluum links to your blog posts to optimize that stellar content you're already creating! If you're new to Bluum but have a passion for parenting, babies, and discovering new products, we are the program for you!

As a Bluum Affiliate, you'll earn commission for any new subscriber you send over to us.

Program Highlights:

  • 15% commission on all 1 month plans
  • 8% commission on all 6, and 12 month plans PLUS $2 bonuses for 6 month plans and $5 bonuses for 12 month plans
  • Responsive Affiliate Management
  • Newsletters

Too much technical jibber jabber up there? Well look at it this way, if you send us someone who subscribes for one month, you'll earn $5.10. If they subscribe for a 6 month plan, you'll earn $15.92, and if they subscribe for a year, you'll earn $30.92! The longer people subscribe, the more potential you have to make!

Are you new to affiliate marketing? Don't worry! We are here to help! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns! We make a point to answer all emails within 48 hours no matter what the request! Welcome to the bluum Family, we're thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you!

Lauren Ball
Affiliate & Marketing Manager