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Vertical organic patio farming made simple -- The Garden Tower ® uses natural technology to supercharge modern container gardening. The Garden Tower ® is the only planter system which integrates composting and nutrient recycling turning kitchen scraps to organic veggies!

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The ALL NEW Garden Tower 2 is now available!
16% commissions and additional 2nd tier commissions (a bonus 15% of earned commissions from affiliates who are referred by you are credited to you for the life of your account)
Average sale amount of $359 (up to $57.44 in commissions per unit)
$20 affiliate referral premium
Thousands sold in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico!

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How do I use Shareasale? Here's a good article to start with: Understanding ShareASale Affiliate Links (do not sign up with Shareasale through this article above; scroll down this page to sign up as a Garden Tower Project affiliate!)

If you do not have a website (on your own domain), you can enter in a facebook page or other free page you administer in the Shareasale application! Even without a website you can market by email and social media. We can also create coupons for radio or offline marketing specific to your account.