We’re proud to introduce the JackClamp – an American made and Patented grip-type clamp with some very clever engineering behind it.

No other clamp on the market can do what the JackClamp can. With our unique parallel bar system, the clamp is dramatically stronger and more versatile than any other clamp. Reviews and demand for the product have been overwhelmingly positive and with our lifetime warranty, you can be positive that you’re putting a great product in front of your audience.

It can:
- Clamp as wide as 36”
- Jack up to 300 lbs with the free-standing foot attachment
- Spread gaps as small as ¼” with the spreader attachment
- Clamp irregular, even round shapes, with the v-jaw attachment
- Hoist up to 300 lbs with the integrated eyelet

Here's an infographic:

The JackClamp will never slip - you can pour oil, WD-40, water, grease and virtually anything else all over it and the clamp will still perform perfectly.

We’ve recently upgraded our capacity and are now in a position to fulfill even more demand for this great product.

As an affiliate, you’ll be getting access to a tool that’s only sold online and in a few hardware stores at this point, all of which are in Montana and Canada. This is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and tell your visitors about the best new tool out there. We’re growing extremely rapidly and looking forward to having you on board!

For more info, watch some of our YouTube videos or visit our website.