Fatworks is the maker of Premium traditional Cooking Oils. We craft our products specifically for Gourmet Chefs, bakers, real food lovers. We are especially pleased to provide our fats for the demanding needs of the Paleo crowd and others who understand the importance of eating delicious and healthy fat. If you are still stuck in the seriously outdated and flawed thinking that eating fat makes you fat and that saturated fats are in any way bad for you then we are NOT the company for you. Please do your research and contact us when you have joined the 21st century and we would be very happy to partner with you. Your research will show you that once people started eating more unnatural industrialized seed oil that obesity,heart disease, and diabetes rates skyrocketed. The research is clear and thankfully there are movements such as Paleo, Weston A. Price, Just Eat Real Food,etc which understand true health begins with eating real food. By embracing real fat as an essential part of their lifestyle millions of these people are getting healthier. And eating food that is way way more delicious. As you can see we are passionate about what we do and we are looking for passionate Organic, Gourmet and Paleo affiliates to help spread the truth about fat, one jar at a time.