About BustedTees and TeePublic:

Since 2004 BustedTees has been one of the web's leading Internet based t-shirt brands. Started by the guys from CollegeHumor.com BustedTees turns the worlds best content into commerce. Our shirts are reflective of the most up-to date pop culture trends and news stories, TV shows, Movies, Video Games, Internet Memes and all the 80's and 90's nostalgia you can handle. BustedTees also offers a wide hoodies, kids and "fun stuff" selection of party favors and novelty gifts. We've sold millions of t-shirts over the years because of our commitment to quality and customer service. Our demographic is 18-34.

TeePublic launched in 2013 and is now filled with over 30,000 designs from 2,000 plus artists. TeePublic aims to help support and promote independent designers all over the world. We also act as a great new opportunity to share content and art with your audience. TeePublic hosts a number of cool items including apparel, mugs, cases, and more, all featuring great designs. Whether you're looking for stunning fan art or inspirational original creations, TeePublic is the place for you.

Program Details:

Our standard affiliate program offers affiliates 11% per sale but we constantly offer affiliates opportunities to get increased commissions in exchange for traffic. We're here to work with you!

We update our affiliate creative every 7 days with sales, discounts and most of all a minimum of 4 new t-shirts weekly. Top affiliates are offered exclusive discounts. Average order values are around $50 and cookies windows are 30 days.


Because the content of TeePublic and BustedTees shirts spans so many content verticals there are endless audiences specific products are appropriate for. For any affiliate who falls specifically into a content category, for example video games, BustedTees will make a dedicated affiliate landing page on our site and offers for top affiliates all around video game shirts. While on TeePublic you can create your own personalized storefront to host the video game designs you want. Content opportunities include: Video Games, Movies, Anime, TV Shows, Pop Culture, Animals, Comedy, Superheros, T-shirts!, Drinking, Cute, Sports, and more!

Please feel free to reach out to our affiliate manger Elizabeth Cloyd with questions!