Escort Radar Bio Information

Escort Inc. is a proud North American company.

Headquartered in metro Cincinnati, OH, Escort Inc. has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing industry leading radar/laser detectors and premium automotive accessories right here in North America for over 30 years.

We operate under one simple premise: Provide our customers with the best products and services period. After all, it all starts with you - our customer. We have the finest engineers, a state of the art manufacturing facility and a focus on quality that is second to none.

Escort has sold more than 10 million detectors and automotive products that help you Drive Smarter. Our goal is to exceed customer expectation on every unit we sell.


  • 4%-10% commission based on Product - Average order over $300.00
  • 60 Day Tracking Cookie
  • Full, Updated Datafeed
  • Sell the #1 Rated Radar Detectors and Accessories!
  • Parasite Free
  • Contest & Promotions to Earn More Money!
  • Dedicated Program Management by Snow Consulting


  • A+ BBB Rating
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy Payment options
  • Free Ground Shipping on select products
  • Customer Service comes First!
  • Trade in Programs

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If you have any questions or need anything, please contact us.

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