Welcome to Gruppo UNA affiliate program!

Gruppo UNA is an Italian hotel chain founded in 2000 with a widespread properties all over Italy featuring 38 properties. Gruppo UNA embody an original concept in hotel accommodation that nowadays can be classified under three different brands:

UNA Hotels: elegant urban hotels, equipped for the business traveller but also suited to the needs of those wanting to explore the most beautiful cities in Italy.

UNA Esperienze: the most refined selection of luxury villas, hotels and resorts in Italy.

UNAWAY: a new concept in hospitality offering quality services, efficiency and ease-of-use to several customer market segments. It includes locations outside urban centres.

Why promote Gruppo UNA?

· The conversion rate is higher than the industry average.

· Largest Italian hotel chain with establishments in the primary business and tourist locations.

· 20% of their clients come from the US market, which doubles the usual average coming from this market.

Average value of bookings:
$ 467 • € 425 • GBP 378