With the best affiliate tools in the solar industry, a dedicated in-house affiliate management team, high product conversions and great commission rates, the Silicon Solar Affiliate Program gives you all the keys you need to succeed. Take some time and check out all of our affiliate resources – Silicon Solar is all about giving you the information and tools you need to start earning as a partner right away.


Silicon Solar has 100's of high-conversion solar products of all shapes, sizes and sorts – We’re sure to have something that you want to promote and your visitors want to buy!


Our 8% commissions and a great 30-day cookie, you have the opportunity to make a ton of sales and generate some really good commissions.


Text links, a HUGE selection of graphic banners, datafeeds, deep-linking, keyword lists and our affiliate program newsletter, you have all the tools in hand to really take your promotions to the next level.


We carry a little bit of something for everyone – promote pumps, panels, complete systems, battery chargers, lights and more to residential, commercial and government customers searching for solar products every single day.


Our in-house affiliate management team is dedicated to one thing – keeping you up-to-date on new products, new promotions, program updates and other key information. We’re also available to answer all of your questions and concerns.


What is the Silicon Solar Affiliate Program?
The Silicon Solar Affiliate Program is an online program that allows you to promote our products to your website visitors and earn a commission for each sale that you refer to Silicon Solar.

How do I get started?
You’re already doing it right by reading through the program details and FAQs. Next you need to sign up with AFFILIATE NETWORK and then apply for the Silicon Solar Affiliate Program once accepted.

Why do I need to register with AFFILIATE NETWORK in order to join the Silicon Solar Affiliate Program?
Silicon Solar has partnered with AFFILIATE NETWORK to operate our affiliate program. This partnership is necessary to provide accurate tracking and reporting of affiliate sales and ensuring that you get your commissions on time.

After signing up for the program, how long will I have to wait before I can post links and start earning money?
Once you are approved for Silicon Solar Affiliate Program, you will only need to wait about an hour or so for AFFILIATE NETWORK to set up your personalized links and affiliate account homepage before you can start promoting our products and making sales.

What do I do if my banners or links are not working on my website?
Our affiliate management team works to ensure that all links and creatives are up-to-date at all times and work on the largest number of platforms. If you have difficulty getting banners / links to work properly on your site, the AFFILIATE NETWORK support team can help you get everything running properly.

Do I need to have my own website to be accepted to the program?
Yes, we require all of our affiliate program partners to have their own website (or more than one site) to use. While anyone with a website can apply to be a Silicon Solar Affiliate Partner, we do reserve the right to refure any site. Any website that features objectionable material (pornography, explicit language/content or support for violent/discriminatory groups are not acceptable for the Silicon Solar Affiliate Program and will be rejected. Typically, websites with little or no content and only consist of banners/affiliate links will also be rejected (unless the site has high traffic and professional design). Generally, we are looking for high-quality websites with great content related to our products.

Why was my application rejected?
This is the most asked question we receive, and here are the most common reasons:

Can I download / use graphics and logos from the Silicon Solar website?
The short answer is Yes. You may use images / logos from the Silicon Solar website to promote our products, however we strongly prefer that you use the banners, buttons and text links that we have in the affiliate section on AFFILIATE NETWORK. The most common and acceptable use of our graphics is for you to download an image of a product that you want to review and serve it from your website server with your affiliate link attached to it. You are not permitted to modify the images in any way other than resizing (no cropping, no cutting out/covering up and no adding text/logos).

Can I have more than one website linking to your site from my account?
Yes, you can use a single affiliate account with any number of websites you may have. AFFILIATE NETWORK will track your sales through each of your sites to ensure accurate reporting.

How can I promote Silicon Solar products online?
Silicon Solar will provide you with banners, buttons and text links that you can use on your website and other marketing vehicles. Statistically, text links and 300×250 banners are the highest converting affiliate sale creatives. However you choose to promote our products, all links be made through the AFFILIATE NETWORK affiliate interface to ensure proper tracking and payment.

What kind of advertising is prohibited?

Will Silicon Solar promote my site on its website?
We currently do not promote our affiliate’s sites unless specifically asked. If you ask us to promote your site, we will review your site before deciding. Your site must be extremely well designed and have a very high conversion rate to be considered.

When and how will I get paid?
Your payments will come through AFFILIATE NETWORK by the payment option that you set with them, and on the their payment schedule.

What happens with returns and exchanges?
Orders that are returned for a refund or if credit card charges are reversed because of a dispute or fraud, we will need to reverse commissions on that order. However, if goods are lost or we ship a replacement to the customer, you will keep all your commissions.

How sales are tracked?
Every customer who clicks one of your links to visit our site is tagged with a small cookie. This allows us and AFFILIATE NETWORK to track their purchases and ensure that you get credit for.

How long does the tracking cookie last?
3o days is the standard length of our affiliate cookie.

What about phone orders?
Currently, we do not have a reliable way of tracking the referrer of phone orders. Only online orders qualify as affiliate sales and will be paid commissions.