Absolute Toner

Absolute Toner sells original & compatible ink & toner cartridges as well as refill kits to end users and resellers. We sell to USA and Canada. We have many customers who buy from us, and we are looking to keep growing. We carry all brands and models of printer cartridges.

We are a discount supplier, and one of our strongest selling points is that we do sell compatible toner cartridges at the lowest price. Plus our "We Will Beat Any Lower Price!", is something our customers love to keep using, as we will beat any lower price advertised on compatible toner and ink products. We sell a product that many people (if not almost everyone) use everywhere. Toner and ink products are used in homes, schools, offices, and really any place of business. This is one of those products that many different people are constantly looking for. Many people have printers. We definitely all know someone who has a printer, why shouldn't they be able to save money!

What Absolute Toner Can Offer You

Most Importantly, A Channel in which to Make Money

The average order on our website is approximately $97.. That would mean on an average you would be making $14.55 per order. With black & white cartridges starting at $15 (average order for black & white is $60), and colour cartridges starting at $80 (average order for colour is $220). We also sell inkjet printers, laser printers, and photocopiers. At 7.5% per sale you could make an average of $9 an order on black & white cartridges and an average of $33 on colour toner cartridges. With a constant stream of people having to replenish their supplies, this is definitely an industry where people are constantly looking for the new best deal. If you bring in a reseller you could land yourself a nice chunk of money, as resellers tend to order 3-4 times per month. That could be even more $$$ in your pocket! Right now on Absoute Toner, approximately 10% of the visitors are converting. Customers tend to buy supplies again in the next couple of months. With our program you can probably get at least 2 orders from each customer. We believe that this number can grow even more. Bringing in people is important, but getting them to convert is even more important. That is what leads to more and more money that you can earn. Plus with our 90 days on your cookie, you can for sure catch the same customer at least one more time, if not more.

Why You Can Make Money Marketing Absolute Toner?

On Absolute Toner, we are all about getting the customer much more than the best price in our industry, by giving our customers the Best Deal Online! When customers see how much they can save, it will only help to convert. It is not just about the money our customers will save however. Here we are all about giving quality products and service, and that is what all of our customers will buy from us each and every time. We offer our customers many great incentives to shop with us. Such as Rewards Points, Monthly Coupons, Draws, Special promotions, Referral Program, Lifetime Warranty, and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This is just to name off a few. We are always looking for more ways to better our customers shopping experience. We Will Beat Any Price, has to be one of the things our customers truly do love, and we will adjust our prices online immediately to get them this new low price. When you sell a quality product, you know that more and more people will want to get it. To us it is more than just about getting the orders. With each order we process, we want to make sure that our customer is having the best experience they can, when it comes to a task that many of them dread because of the high costs associated with it. By coming to our online store they will definitely be cutting their costs by 50%-80%!

What We Do To Help You Market Us

You will be able to use our tools to assist you with marketing Absolute Toner. Image and banners ads that we prepare for you which you can access after joining us, is just the tip of the iceberg. You will be able to use our coupon codes, which we offer to our customers. If you ever need anything specifically done to assist you with marketing us, you can reach out to me. I will get you what you need from our creative team. We want you to succeed and we will back you every step of the way. When you succeed, is when we succeed. We hope to hear from you, and have you sign up with us. That way we can both grow together! Feel free to email or call us with your questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thank You!

-Absolute Toner Team

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