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Who doesn’t know somebody who has recently received a traffic ticket or needs to reduce the points on their driving record? The traffic school demographic is pretty much ANYONE with a driver’s license.  The majority of people ages 16-90 are licensed drivers. Keeping a clean driving record is extremely important for all of us. We all share our recommendations for the best traffic school solutions with our friends, family and colleagues.  Now you can MAKE MONEY for doing what you already do.

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BESTtrafficschool.com has been providing high-quality, DMV-licensed and court approved online traffic school courses to drivers since the year 2000 and has helped hundreds of thousands of students eliminate speeding tickets, keep their driving records clean, and their auto insurance rates low.



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1. Students enroll in our DMV-licensed online traffic school program.
2. They complete the course at their own pace.
3. Log in/Log out 24/7. Progress is always saved.
4. They receive a DMV-approved Certificate of Completion.
5. They keep their driving records clean and their insurance rates low.

Why promote BESTtrafficschool.com?

• High commission of 35%
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• Course appeals to ANYONE with a driver's license.
• 22 million licensed drivers in California alone.
• Order Values vary by course:
   -$21.95 CALIFORNIA
   -$24.95 NEVADA
   -$39.95 VIRGINIA
• High conversion and low return rate.
• Great customer service 24/7/365
• Quick and easy online interface.
• Sign up for students is easy, and there are no hidden fees.
• Students have 24/7 access to course with log in/log out capabilities.

You can earn commissions on the following online traffic school courses:

• California online traffic school course
• Nevada online traffic school course
• Virginia online traffic school course

QUESTIONS?  Please contact: Dotty Kaminsky | affiliates@besttrafficschool.com  | 1-877-991-BEST