Urban Collector sells today's hottest pop culture t-shirts, costumes and collectibles. Here are a few highlights of our Affiliate Program:

We sell licensed products featuring SuperHeroes from the DC Comics & Marvel Comics; such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Captain America, The Avengers, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and more!

We also sell Movie & TV clothing and novelties. Popular licenses include The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica & Disney. We also have replicas and action figures from popular Video Game franchises like MGS Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Team Fortress, Final Fantasy and Gears of War.

If you are a niche Horror site, you will enjoy our offerings of The Walking Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees & Living Dead Dolls.

Stop by our site and see all the great products available now. urban-collector.com

Email: affiliate@urban-collector.com
Urban Collector Afilliate Manager