Kbands Training is a dedicated athletic performance and fitness training company that loves giving their customers everything they need to achieve their goals. We offer unique training aids including upper and lower body resistance bands as well as a suspension trainer.  These three power product, Kbands, KB PowerBands, and the KB Duo, are expanding rapidly with over 1000 YouTube demonstration videos, hundreds of content driven articles and expert training advice from certified trainers.

As an affiliate you will find many avenues to advertise on your site. We here at Kbands Training are active providing advertisers with weekly video demonstration videos as well as content rich articles to help your traffic find the quality information they are looking for. We provide the training and you make money. 



  • Commissions starting at 12%
  • Average sale of $50.00
  • Global Presence With Sales In Over 83 Countries
  • 60 day cookie duration
  • Creative banners sales and special promotions.
  • Dedicated In-house affiliate management by Trevor Theismann. 
  • Easy access to support by email, phone, Facebook.
  • 3% average conversion rate.


Trademark Policy 

Trademark policy " Please do NOT bid on our trademarked terms (Kbands Training, Kbands, Kenetic Bands, KB PowerBands, KB Duo) - Publishers are not allowed to have Kbands Training (or any varation of KbandsTraining.com, etc) anywhere in their display URL." Publishers may NOT call themselves "Official Site" within their adwords campaign. Please note that violators will lose all unpaid commissions and termination of their Kbands Training relationship.

We do not allow any paid search in our program including PPC on major search engines.

We will improve your chances of being approved for this program GREATLY if you have an updated ShareASale profile that lists all the sites you use to promote affiliate programs, and take advantage of the text box ShareASale provides to let us know how you plan to promote the Kbands Training offer specifically. 

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