and allows MMORPG games players to obtain legally some virtual goods for helping them to achieve theirs favorite games goals. You may have heard of such MMO currencies as World of Warcraft Gold, Diablo 3 Gold, Guild Wars 2 Gold, EverQuest 2 Platinum, Final Fantasy XI Gil, Aion Kinah, etc. These games have their own real economies, based on the currency of the game. Players sell their in-game money to other gamers, in exchange for real world money.

Our virtual products are those in-game currencies which can help our customers have the best gaming experience and do not have to endure hours of boring leveling.

The program:

  • Free and easy to join.
  • High commission rates: 15% for standard affiliates and up to 25%.
  • 90 Day Tracking Gap and up 180-Day cookies.
  • Quick turnaround: Monthly payments to you via USD check or Paypal.
  • Large Database of Banner Ads.

New affiliates start with 90-Day cookies; Cookie durations increase as your sales increase!
$15 Bonus for new affiliates (within 45 days of joining the program) who generate 5 sales (Minimum order amount: $30).

Our Commission Structure:

  • Level 1: New affiliates start at 15% commission and 90-Day cookies.
  • Level 2: After just 25 confirmed sales, get a bump to 18% commission and 90-Day cookies.
  • Level 3: After 100 confirmed sales, affiliates are bumped up to 20% commission and 120-Day cookies.
  • Level 4: After 250 confirmed sales, affiliate are bumped up to 22% commission, and 120-Day cookies + request custom banners.
  • Level 5: After 500 confirmed sales, affiliate are bumped up to 25% commission, and 180-Day cookies + coupons.

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