Sovereign Laboratories is a pioneer and world leader in the research and development of bovine colostrum for human consumption. Colostrum is simply the most important and studied food supplement in the world. Colostrum is nature's first food for all mammals. The many benefits to human health from colostrum supplementation are broad based and supported by a wealth of scientific studies.

Colostrum, though naturally occuring, requires state of the art processing in order to be absorbed by the body and thereby do the most good. All Sovereign Laboratories colostrum products are manufactured in the most technologically-advanced colostrum production facility in the world, the only plant dedicated solely to the manufacture of colostrum for human consumption. Furthermore, Sovereign Laboratories pioneered the liposomal delivery system which has proven essential for maximum bio-availabilitiy and potency.

Sovereign Laboratories welcomes affiliates participation at the retail level. Commissions are set at 10% or 15% (depending on the type of affiliate you are) with the average sale at slightly over $100. Cookie duration is a full 30-days.

Colostrums' recent rediscovery and virtual unlimited upside make it a great choice for prospective affiliates. Get in on the ground floor now!