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The original "Angel Coin" was minted by Augustine Dupre, a nobleman who was commissioned by King Louis XVI in 1792 to design the new monetary currency for France. A firm believer in the power of guardian angels, Dupre incorporated this theme into his design using a mold of unknown material created by an alchemist known only as Lestat.

Years later, when Dupre fell out of favor with the King and was condemned to death, legend has it that he was saved from the guillotine when the Coin he carried as a talisman reflected the sunlight in his jail cell so brilliantly one day that the guard on duty broke into tears at the sight, unlocked the cell door, and let Dupre make his escape.

From that moment on, Dupre's creation became known as the "Angel Coin". He considered it a blessing for his life-long belief in angels.

The next 200 years are filled with wondrous stories attributed to this talisman, including many claims of lives saved. Fisherman never went to sea without them. Most French pilots during WWI always packed one in their kits. Even Napolean carried the "Angel Coin" in his vest pocket (until one evening in 1815 on the verge of a great battle in Belgium, he arrogantly flung the coin into a nearby river which, not too coincidently, marked the starting point of his tragic demise).

In fact, the power of these coins was considered so great that Hermann Goering, the engineer of Hitler's evil vision, ordered his soldiers to round up all they could find which he then had buried in a secret location that's never been uncovered. Goering's obsession with good and evil was fanatical, and it's well documented that he devoted a great deal of Germany's resources to his futile search for another source of power --the Holy Grail.

More common, though, are the claims of ordinary people, whose lonely or troubled and often desperate lives have been re-made by the "Angel Coin" talisman. Skeptics call these remarkable transformations "coincidences". Believers call them "rewards for faith".

Based on exact specifications of the original "Angel Coins", we have painstakingly re-minted a new supply that includes a melting of many of the same ingredients as found in the few remaining originals. In other words, each of our "Angel Coins" includes a portion of the same characteristics as the original "Angel Coins"!

These stunning one ounce "Angel Coins" were reproduced in exquisite detail, crafted in the original manner, and layered in rich 24 Karat Gold.

And each is 100% GUARANTEED to change your life for the better!

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