Iamfine is a simple telephone check-in service for those who have a loved one that lives alone or anyone who might benefit from a daily check-in service. We offer daily reassurance your emergency contacts would be notified in the event an emergency has occurred. Our automated service calls the user at a time of their choosing. If all is well, they press 1 and have checked in for the day. This automated program will try a total of 5 times in 15 min intervals trying to reach them. If after the 5th and final phone call, still no registered check-in, then we send out an automated email, phone call and/or text messages of the missed contact for the day. Phone alerts can be delivered to local emergency services to initiate welfare checks. Our service can support aging-in-place, paid/family caregivers, home health agencies, retirement communities, etc. The service is a great solution for pet owners as well who worry about what might happen to their pet should something happen to them. Our service can be a tool to ensure they are not left alone. We offer a 14-Day free trial with NO credit card information required for any interested party. We offer a commission of $50 for conversion from a free trial of our service to a sale.