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Welcome to join EZcosplay affiliate program, Ezcosplay, A higher popular cosplay website, good quality and reasonable prices. We have a large selection of cosplays and what’s nice is that we usually have the accessories/footwear/wigs to go with the costume, which saves you the hassle of having to find everything separately. We can also do custom pieces and 3XL and custom sizes available. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find the character you’re looking for.

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Top Categories:

  • Cosplay Costumes
  • Cosplay Accessories
  • Cosplay Wigs
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Lolita Dress
  • Animal Costumes

Some Highlights of Our Program:

  • Commission levels starting at 10% for affinity and topic based websites!
  • Average order size of nearly $150
  • 30 days cookie for conversion tracking
  • Ongoing coupons and deals for customers to improve your conversion
  • Product data feed for enhanced marketing capabilities

How to join

Ezcosplay supports the popular affiliate network. If you aren't already a ShareASale affiliate you need to create an affiliate account first. If you are already a ShareASale affiliate, it's simple to apply to our affiliate program through the ShareASale interface. Affiliate applications are typically reviewed within one business day or less.

  • Have a Social Media Page, Website, or Blog
  • Create a ShareASale affiliate account
  • Fill Out an Application for Ezcosplay
  • Promote our links or banners in your website or your homepage
  • Get commission credited to your account immediately after driving a purchase
  • Have an affiliate program related question? Please do not hesitated to contact us at

Kindi Lee

Affiliate Marketing Manager

As an Affiliate, you may not bid on our trademarks or the following keywords and phrases: EZcosplay, ez cosplay,, variations of our domain names, or misspellings. Please ask first if you have any questions about our PPC policy. We want you to be successful and will happy to help you.

* Due to repeated abuse, the initial commission level offered to new coupon and deal oriented sites will be examined on an individual basis.