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Welcome to Pride Shack!
ZZ Seller Savings Store - We Don’t Sleep!

We proudly offer 20% commission on ALL sales, and our tracking cookie NEVER expires - so that means you keep earning revenue even if your visitor makes a purchase years after they clicked our ad!

About Us: We believe in equality and love! We carry the hottest selection of various Pride Products! We have over 450,000+ Facebook fans and our community grows by the thousands every week! We specialize in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Conventional, Straight Friendly, Military, Masonic, Religious, Biker Pride, and More!

We’re a flexible with our affiliates, we auto approve all perspective members and we auto pay you commissions! We have a sophisticated data feed so you always have the most up-to-date information about or product line. We quickly auto-approve all data feed requests! Top affiliate performers may earn a commission increase and/or personalized coupon codes for targeted customers. What's also great is that we generally allow cash back websites and we DO NOT have harsh PPC keyword bidding restrictions! NOTE: PPC bidding is NOT allowed for keywords such as "Pride Shack" and URL "www.PrideShack.com". We also DO NOT allow you to advertise directly on on our PrideShack.com operated websites, or forums. Additionally, there must be NO false or misleading advertising, or SPAM.
IMPORTANT: If you plan to to use PPC bidding techniques or cash back web sites, please contact us first for prior approval.

To help your customers return, our site has amazing social network integration (Twitter, Myspace, Google +1, etc.) and a Facebook fan page where customers must "LIKE" to view daily coupons and get return offers.

Important Note For Video Promotions:
We have no problem with online video promotions as long as:

1.) The person in the videos DOES NOT claim to work for our company as a representative or employee.
2.) It is clearly indicated to viewers that the videos are a site review or referral and is NOT the production of PrideShack.com.
3.) The videos DO NOT mislead customers with false information about our products or our web site.
4.) The videos DO NOT contain or promote, vulgar language, sex/nudity, hate speech, violence, gambling or illegal activities, etc.
5.) Customers are not spammed or tricked into clicking affiliate links.
6.) The videos follow the other remaining advertising guidelines found on our web site and ShareAsale policies page.

A Quick Example of How Affiliate Networking Helps You

1. You place our Shareasale links on your web site, Twitter, Facebook pages, etc.
2. Customers click your link, and place orders on our Pride Shack web site (you earn 20% commission).
3. Vistors see that Pride Shack also has social networking pages (i.e. Facebook) where they must "LIKE" to view hidden coupons.
3. They "LIKE" our page to obtain instant coupons - and we occasionally send them Facebook promotions and more coupons.
4. These same customers return to make new purchases directly from our store and since our tracking cookie NEVER expires, you still get the 20% commission each time they make a new purchase (even if they only went to your web site, blog, Twitter or Facebook page once)!

A typical sale at Pride Shack is $40-65 per order. We offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over $29! We ship most of our products within 24 hours - all over the world. Our website has a multi-language translator and a currency converter - therefore, you have an amazing opportunity to promote our products all over the globe! Our customers are loyal, returning often to re-order products they love and to purchase new items!

We stay in contact with publishers by sending (very few) occasional emails regarding our hottest selling items, coupon codes and new deals! We're open to feedback and banner ad requests to help you earn top revenue! Please contact us if you are a coupon based web site for more information and promotional coupon creation.

If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at storefront@prideshack.com. Don’t delay! Join our network now & start earning revenue now!

You may access this page at anytime, simply go to: www.PrideShack.com > Affiliate Log-in > Sign-up Button
OR... If logged into www.ShareaSale.com, click "Detailed Seller Info" > "ZZ - Pride Shack."

Starter Coupon Codes:

RAINBOW25 – For Free Shipping on orders over $25.00
TENPRIDE10 – Save 10% on orders over $10
ITEMSAVER9 – Twenty Percent (20%) OFF highest priced item in cart!

We have partnered with a datafeed company that allows your ShareAsale product feed to integrate seamlessly into Wordpress, API or into your WooCommerce store. The feed program will auto display daily (up-to-date) ShareAsale product feeds on your web site! No programming required. No need to download, import and parse large, unorganized CSV or XML files... It's all done for you!

You'll be able to make your site look and feel just like a storefront! The program has many other ShareAsale merchants listed, so you can also combine all of your other merchant feeds together with Pride Shack's product data quickly and easily.

Remember, Pride Shack has 20% commission and our tracking cookie NEVER expires!

If you are interested in this state-of-the-art datafeed program, please take a look at the link below. You will find our company “Pride Shack” on their featured merchants search page!

Data Feed Program Network & Merchants Page (Click here)

Product / Data Feed Access (FTP):

Use our data feed to help maximize your sales. We auto approve our affiliates for the FTP data feed so there's no lengthy wait period!

SIMPLE TECHNIQUE: Accessing Product Links with Our Data Feed

To get a specific item link (with photo and text) from our store's datafeed simply do the following:

1. Log-into Shareasale using your Affiliate ID and password
2. Click "Merchants" on your home page
3. Then click "View Merchants with Datafeed"
4. To find us, simply enter "Pride Shack" or "ZZ - Pride Shack" in the keyword search bar - (Apply for our FTP access datafeed if necessary)
5. Next to our company name click "Search Products"
6. Do a search for the products you want (You can use our web site www.PrideShack.com as a guide)
7. Once you find the product you want to promote and click "Get Link"
8. A window will open giving you many options for additional Text Links and Thumbnail Image links - copy and past the code shown under your desired link view.

Note: Our data feed is updated daily, so you don't have to worry about uploading new product images, descriptions or prices!


1. Log-into Shareasale using your Affiliate ID and password
2. Click "Merchants" on your home page
3. Then click "View Merchants with Datafeed"
4. To find us, simply enter "Pride Shack" or "ZZ - Pride Shack" in the keyword search
5. Check the box next to our company name that says: "Check to Apply for FTP Access" (this is our datafeed)
6. Scroll to the bottom of the page click the "Apply for FTP access" button and write a short note (For example:"We would like to sell these items on our web site to earn commission.")
7. Now you have full FTP access.
8. Data feeds are available from the ShareASale.com FTP server. The FTP server is at:

Port: 21
Username: Your ShareASale Username
Password: Your ShareASale Password

You can request access from the data feeds Available (http://www.shareasale.com/a-datafeeds.cfm) page.
You can view your current approvals from the FTP Access for data feeds (http://www.shareasale.com/a-ftpaccess.cfm) page.

Note: Our data feed is updated daily, so you don't have to worry about uploading new product images, descriptions or prices!