Absinthes.com is a Germany-based niche supplier of luxurious absinthes and absinthe accessories from all over the world. The shop is available in three languages: English, French, and German. Absinthes.com offers three different currencies to choose from, too: Euros, US Dollars, and GBP.


Absinthes.com is considered the #1 Absinthe Shop worldwide and distributes the finest of this wormwood based alcohol from artisans and distilleries across Europe. Our wide range of high quality absinthe accessories, such as absinthe fountains and absinthe glasses, are popular among a few of our top selling absinthes: We ship worldwide, and guarantee every delivery. US-based customers get free shipping from a total order of $250.


We offer an 6-9% commission on sales to our publishers who sign up for our program, depending on the type of website you're publishing. The commission can be increased to 10% after reviewing the performance of affiliates individually. Significant returns are easily achieved as spirits are high value items. And as we offer free shipping worldwide for orders over $250, the majority of our customers are ordering at above this level!


Do let us know in case you have any questions.