Knot Genie and Groom Genie Detangling Brushes

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Knot Genie Brands detangling brushes are revolutionary products that were initially created to eliminate tangles from children’s hair without pulling, screaming, fighting or crying. Word about The World's Best Detangling Brush spread from mom to mom, salon to salon, Facebook friend to Facebook friend, local news to national news, from the US to the rest of the world. In all the feedback about the brush, a few observations kept reoccurring. One was that sensory-challenged children loved the brush. Another was that many people had purchased a second or third brush to use on their pets. Of course, the lightbulb went on. Work started immediately on creating the pet version of the Knot Genie. The Groom Genie became the first grooming brush that not only detangles and beautifies coats, but reduces a pet’s grooming anxiety while strengthening the bond between owner and pet. You have never seen anything quite like this brush and it is sure to be a big hit for your customers. Watch our videos and scroll down to learn how you can make great money by sharing the word about these revolutionary brushes!

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Knot Genie Brands pays very generous commissions. Currently our regular commission is 33% ($6.60 per brush sold). This is truly an astounding offer.

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