Welcome to the Wisdom Health affiliate program. All of us at Wisdom Health are excited to bring you an incredible product targeted to owners of dogs. Wisdom Panel™ Canine DNA Test — Dogs can't talk, but their DNA can.™ The Wisdom Panel™ cheek swab DNA test is designed to reveal the ancestry of dogs, going back three generations. Knowing a dog’s breed helps owners target behavior training, be smarter about nutritional planning and plan exercise activities that make the dog happy. The tests are easy to use and the Wisdom Panel™ test provides owners with an easy to read, detailed report on the dog’s breed results. Optimal Selection™ Genetic Breeding Analysis Wisdom Health, the makers of Optimal Selection™ tests have partnered with Genoscoper Laboratories® of Finland to provide breeders with the ability to test for both breed-specific diseases and genetic diversity. Maintaining and increasing genetic diversity, may reduce the occurrence of inherited diseases and other known issues that can result from inbreeding. Testing for genetic diversity can help breeders decrease the incidence of producing affected puppies with recessively inherited diseases, by reducing the likelihood of mating two carriers of the same disease to produce afflicted offspring. Optimal Selection offers breeders the world's first dog matchmaking tool that helps estimate the genetic impact of the planned mating pair on the puppies. Wisdom Health and Wisdom Panel™ are divisions and products of MARS incorporated, the manufacturers of Pedigree and Royal Canin pet food. Program Highlights: • 10% commission • $84.99 average sales order • Regular coupons and offers • Commission duration 30 days • Datafeed available Program Restrictions: • PPC must be coordinated with Program Manager • No Direct Linking • No use of WIsdom Panel, MX, any form of Mars, or any misspellings allowed in domain name or bid terms • Violation of PPC terms will result in removal from program and reversal of commissions • Contact Program Manager if there is any doubt about PPC For further questions regarding our program, please contact the affiliate manager at farida.khatchadourian@effem.com.