Gotcha Matcha Affiliate Program

Gotcha Matcha Affiliate Program


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With our affiliate marketing program you can:

Why Gotcha Matcha?

To educate newcomers about the unparalleled nutrition of matcha green tea and guide them to purchase and prepare with confidence for everyday consumption at home, work, and play.

A newly created daily matcha habit touches on almost every aspect of health and wellness. Matcha is rich in powerful antioxidants and mood-enhancing L-theanine. The effect is a gentle energetic lift sustained over several hours.

By joining the affiliate program, you are spreading matcha goodness into the world and helping people achieve their vision of healthy and well.

Gotcha Matcha Vibes

Gotcha Matcha is at its heart, a learning center. A place to gain confidence to choose, purchase, and enjoy matcha and reap the benefits from a nourishing daily ritual.

each one, teach one

Ambassadors and enthusiasts help get the word out, from trusted sources, about the unparalleled nutritional benefits of matcha tea. You’ll be spreading matcha goodness into the world.

life is sweet enough

Gotcha Matcha encourages everyone to live a sweet life full of adventure, expression, and vitality without unnecessary added sugars. Our teas and blends are always sugar-free.

kindness and compassion

Tea brings people together. Tea invites conversation and sharing. Gotcha Matcha’s tea house invites people to share stories and bond over the common experience of being human.

Why Gotcha Matcha?

Gotcha Matcha teas are pure, authentic teas meticulously sourced from Japan's renowned growing regions. Our informative and easy-to-use website offers detailed information on matcha's renowned health benefits and methods of preparation.

Expect the best quality teas and excellent customer service from Gotcha Matcha.

Become A Matcha Source Affiliate Today. We Offer:

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