Daft Gadgets has a wide array of some of the Coolest Gifts, Gadgets, and Gizmos around!

We are looking to partner with white hat affiliate marketers who follow the same internet marketing concept that we do.

It is our belief that the medium is the message, and that the internet is a self actualizing information assimilation medium. Thus, in E-commerce, the customer is the salesman.

Unlike a traditional sales force, we pay internet consumers with value (i.e. valuable content), and although it may not be financially feasible to pay one single customer with hours of our hard work, the ability to pay each customer with the same value repeatedly, creates a residual income that will bring in larger rewards and a better customer relationship.

We would love the chance to partner with you on a marketing campaign. We welcome “All Feedback”, if you point out a landing page that has an error, we will fix it. If you think our checkout process could be tweaked we will share some of the previous testing results with you and try to incorporate your suggestions.

We are offering 10% commissions on all items and hope to add our sister store www.stungunmikes.com to our affiliate program by the end of January.

We are looking into pre orders for our action figures as they go out of stock very quickly.

We welcome quality guest articles on our blogs (subject to approval) and love to get feedback from professional e-marketers like yourself.

Send us an email with any of your questions and we will set you up with an account asap.