has specialized in selling gourmet gifts online since 1995 with great success. We have never had an affiliate marketing program before, so this is our entry into the world of affiliate marketing. Our best selling bakery items, like coffee cakes, layer cakes, cheesecakes, stroopwafels, etc., are our claim to fame, but we have also found success selling stroopwafels, teaware, travel mugs, etc. We do a lot of promotions that we're excited to offer our affiliates as well. Right now our free shipping for orders over $50 is doing very well, and we suspect we will keep in this full force through Q4 Holidays 2011. We offer gourmet desserts & bakery items that include our best-selling gourmet coffee cakes & holiday cakes, and an extensive selection of gifts for the home, including teapots, glassware, ceramic mugs (many of which are American made), French presses and more, plus a wide variety of gourmet gift baskets for any special occasion. In addition offers a unique, personalized Corporate Gift Program that's perfect for employees and special clients. Our average sale amount is $49 (including S & H). Without affiliate marketing we have grown consistently an average of 30% per year by word of mouth. I spoke at the Performance Marketing conference in Miami, FL last summer and was told by experts in the field that they would expect affiliate marketing to be very successful with our products, given the maturity and success we have already had with our website. We are looking forward to working with affiliate marketers to expand our reach and grow our market.