Offering Attractive Payouts for Free Trial Signups

Power My Analytics provides marketing tools for expanding the capabilities of reporting in Google Analytics. Our services, such as Easy Call Tracker and Analytics Importer, provide methods to increase conversion reporting and obtain more actionable data to help online merchants drive sales, leads and ultimately grow their ROI.

Our products have free trials that don't require a credit card or upfront payment, which makes it easy for our affiliates to earn payouts for referring new signups:

Easy Call Tracker - $25 payout for free trial signups. An inexpensive, easy to use tool for tracking which sources, campaigns, keywords, etc. a website's phone leads and sales are coming from. Also a good tool for A/B testing landing page effectiveness of driving calls. All call data is seamlessly integrated with Google Analytics.

Analytics Importer - $6.50 payout for free trial signups. A tool allowing advertisers to import cost, sales and other data from Bing, Facebook, eBay and more into Google Analytics.

We are here to help you make money

In addition to paying out commissions, we are more than happy to assist affiliates in promoting our products. Feel free to contact for help on anything from product knowledge to landing page suggestions.

How to apply (We do not auto-approve affiliates)

If you would like to join our program, send an email to and introduce yourself and your ideas for driving subscriptions. We will then not only approve your affiliate status, but actively assist you in promoting our products.

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