Please note: 1) We have found from experience that automotive related sites perform best in our category so if you have an automotive related site we want to hear from you! 2) Our product is for sale to U.S. Residents only. Therefore, we only accept merchants that specifically market to the US. 3) No Coupon Sites! We do not offer coupons for our product, so sorry, no Coupon Sites. Steele & Jones, LLC, conducting business as “autopom!” is offering quality mechanical breakdown protection (commonly called "extended auto warranty" via the website We represent multiple A+ rated providers. We typically beat auto dealership pricing for comparable coverage. This represents a real value to the consumer and an opportunity for you to offer a value product to your visitors. We have the best reputation in the industry with only one complaint in the last three years filed with the BBB. This is a pay-for-lead program. A qualified lead occurs when someone accurately completes our "Request A Quote" form. Completed forms must have a valid email address, valid vehicle information and valid phone number. Form submission must originate from within the United States. Phone numbers must have voice mail associated (so we can leave a message). Leads that do not meet this criteria are subject to rejection (void). Please choose a banner to get started right away. We look forward to working with you.