Our Story So why are we here and why should you affiliate with amtify. Fair Questions. We’re just one of a gazillion clothing stores. So why us? First, we pay higher than average commission rates, 8% when you affiliate with us, goes to 12% on our first communication with you. Also, we offer a 90 day cookie, so if they come back and buy, it’s your sale. We've also been a Member of ShareASale for 10 years and have over 900 Affiliates. That counts. More important? We do business the way your customers live ~ They Live On Their Devices. They Just Do 87% of our Orders are placed directly from mobile devices. So we do things to make it easier for our customers to do that. Like no need to enter coupon codes to get our best price. All of our sales prices are shown right on the product page so there's no need to enter codes to get the best deal. Easier. Faster. Natural. That said, we use coupon codes to offer flash sales on our site, to encourage Customers to join our Members Club, make weekly offers to Club Members, and for promo's. Your ability to offer a discount from an already discounted price means your followers will get nothing but our lowest prices on everything they buy. ~ Clothes and Prices Stat’s say our Customers buy on price, brand isn’t important, but want to feel good in the clothes they wear. So, simple. We offer an awesome choice of Mens and Womens clothes at great prices. We don’t try to carry everything, we change our products a lot, we keep the clothes available that we see they like, and we don’t stop carrying clothes based on the time of year. Seasonal is where you live, you’re entitled to buy cooler clothes in December and warmer clothes in July. ~ Main Goal To Treat our Customers the way we would like to be treated. To provide spectacular customer service. Really great customer service. We know we can’t make everyone happy, but that’s our goal and we work hard to get that right so we can offer the best online shopping experience in the world for our Customers and yours. We welcome comments to let us know how we can make our store better or work more effectively with any of our Affiliates. Send us an email at support@amtify.com - we'd love to hear from you!!