At the UniScience Group, we've created the perfect combination of nutritional supplements for your audience. Our products are made from the highest quality ingredients and are the best nutritional supplements available. Our advisory board of doctors and health professionals have worked to get each formula exactly right, with the correct amount of each ingredient.

Our supplements support: Prostate Health, Vision Health, Bladder Relief, Urinary Tract Health, Blood Sugar, Heart Health, Joint Support, Men's Health, Pain Relief, Sexual Health, Restful Sleep, Youth and Energy and much more! This gives publishers a great potential to earn high commission on products that demand higher prices than those sold in ordinary vitamin discount stores. We offer a category-leading 10% commission on all sales. Our average commission payout per transaction is $31!

Here's How We Can Help You Get Bigger Commission Checks!

  • Unique, competitive offers, performance incentives, customized coupons
  • Great conversion rates due to lowest product prices and free shipping on all orders
  • Auto-Deposit feature
  • 10% commissions on all sales (average commission payout per transaction is $31)
  • Very High Customer Conversion Rate
  • Dedicated proactive affiliate staff to answer any questions and inquiries
  • One Year cookie
  • Newsletters featuring top deals, upcoming hot products and announcements

Our traffic and promotions are usually sent to the specific product landing page for our products. All of the product information is listed there. Here they are in alphabetical order.

Here's the list of products and their landing pages

  1. Arthrocet
  2. Bladder Relief
  3. Bio 4
  4. Curcumin
  5. Eagle Eyes
  6. Masculon Forte
  7. Mem-Plex
  8. Monster-T
  9. Nitrinol
  10. Pain-Free
  11. Prosterin
  12. ProsTEROL
  13. Prost-Xtra Plus
  14. Real Control
  15. Regenerine
  16. Revive
  17. Shou Wu
  18. Testo-Set
  19. Ubiquinol

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Above all, we want YOU to succeed and will do all that we can to help you earn more! If you have any questions or concerns about our program, please feel free to contact our dedicated affiliate program manager. We look forward to your application and a future profitable and healthy partnership.

Happy Promoting!
Stacey Albert, Affiliate Program Manager

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