Join the Fotor & PxBee Affiliate Program today and start making more money! If you're interested becoming an affiliate of one of the fastest growing and diverse photo editing & photo stock, enhancing, designing and event holding platforms available, you've come to the right place!

Key Elements of the Program

- A whopping 35% commission for first purchase

- A further 25% for every subscription renewal in the first year

- A 45 day cookie will let you see lucrative returns

- A streamlined and optimized affiliate program with comprehensive support

About Fotor's Premium Plans

Fotor Pro Pack - $8.99per month / $39.99per year(i.e. $3.33per month)

Core Features of Unparalleled Quality and Performance:

Surpassing its rivals in providing powerful and user-friendly features, including: Graphics Designers, Beautification Suites, a slew of photo enhancers and optimizers, collage maker and HDR capabilities, Fotor truly is the all-in-one visual platforms. Indeed, the sheer number of businesses who utilize Fotor for graphics design and advertisement creation is a testament to this.

Epic Design Feature and Exclusive Paid Content:

Literally bursting with weekly updated content and new features, Fotor's premium plans are structured to provide the best and most necessary content to our users, ensuring satisfaction and plan renewals.

Everyone can be our target users:

With a wide variety of features, Fotor’s user base is comprised of a vast number of people of different demographics and professions. As simple breakdown is as follows:

Average Users: Primarily drawn to the utility function of the platform, many people use Fotor to improve their photos, particularly optimizing them to suit social media.

Industry and Business Professionals: The design feature allows for the rapid creation of amazing advertisements and displays, while updated content allows for the creation of truly unique designs

Photographic Professionals: The sheer number of utility functions within the Fotor platform allows photographic professionals an unparalleled level of control and editing flexibility.

Amateur Photographers and Enthusiasts: With a massive exponentially growing online community, many new users have flocked to Fotor for the opportunity to have their work displayed and to be inspired.

If you are unclear about any element of our affiliate program, feel free to contact us at