Ultra90.com Affiliate Program

Paulson Management Group, Inc. is very excited to have you as an affiliate partner for our client Ultra90.com!

Ultra 90 is different from other fat burners and weight loss products! Most weight loss products on the market contain some kind of ephedrine, caffeine, or amphetamine, which trick you into losing weight. These products give many people the jitters, which makes it difficult for you to function normally, or even the possibility of side effects. These products do not help your body with overall wellness. With our Ultra 90, we offer overall wellness; people will use our Ultra 90 for various reasons. Over 1 million bottles sold!

Ultra90.com doesn't just sell weight loss products, they also have…
• Facial Cream
• Eye Serum
• Appetite Control

The Ultra90.com affiliate program is professionally managed by the team of PaulsonManagementGroup.com. If you have any questions about this affiliate program or need anything to help you get started, please let us know by emailing us at Ultra90@PaulsonManagementGroup.com

15% commission on every sale!

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