uBuildApp is the easiest way to build your own iPhone application. People can configure their application from our simple Web interface and then test the application on their own iPhone before they pay. Affiliates earn 25% of fees paid for apps. That means affiliates can earn from $65.80 to $139.80 from a single app sale. Apps cost $329 for release to Apple or Google, with no monthly fees. That is a huge selling point when comparing us to the others. It is $599 to release to both marketplaces, and there is a $100 fee to release under the customer's own account. The total range of services is then $329 to $699. http://uBuildApp.com is the latest in self service application building tools. For just $329 you can have your own iPhone application on the iTunes store. Apps can have formatted text pages, Twitter feeds, calendars, blogs, RSS feeds, Facebook YouTube, and more. While the program is new, this comes from the most experienced affiliate team on the planet. Your manager, Brad Waller, has been running affiliate programs since 1996.