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The Complete Quit System

The Complete Quit System is a step-by-step quit smoking program designed to eliminate the psychological dependence as well as the physical addiction to nicotine. For most smokers, the psychological dependence is MUCH more important than the physical addiction, which means that MOST of the smoking cessation products on the market are not very effective at helping people to quit for good.

Designed and produced by a psychologist, this unique science-based approach provides the missing link for many people, allowing them to quit for good. The product includes a downloadable step-by-step program manual, along with e-mail and phone support provided by a psychologist. See www.CompleteQuitSystem.com for more information about the product.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

Make money while helping people help themselves. The CDC estimates that there are currently 45 MILLION smokers, and 90% of them want to quit smoking. However, fewer than 5% will be able to quit on any given attempt. Providing access to an effective product to help people quit smoking means you can make money while also making the world a better place.

Our Marketing Philosophy

Marketing is about testing.

We're constantly testing new ad content, new packaging, and new offers. Our goal is to find that perfect balance between pricing and conversion rates that maximizes the dollar-value per visitor, while providing a value to the customer that will keep them coming back.

This means that the price of our products may fluctuate up and down as we test different offers and packages, but since your commission rate is a percentage of the product cost, our goals and yours are in perfect alignment, and you can rest assured that testing outcomes will benefit us both in the long term.

Marketing is about follow-up.

Not everyone makes a snap decision to purchase a product when they first arrive at a web site. Especially for high-end products, follow-up is critical to maximize conversion rates. So our marketing procedures include capturing contact information to conduct follow-up marketing (while also providing valuable content, to keep our prospective customers happy) via e-mail auto responder for visitors who don't purchase on the first visit. 

Since our cookies never expire, a purchase made by one of your referrals in response to our follow-up marketing will still be credited to you, and you'll receive your full commission due on that purchase. 

Marketing is about providing value.

Finally, marketing is about creating satisfied customers who will return to you for more advice, more referrals, more products. Over the long-term, the value of a satisfied customer is much greater than the short-term profits that you might make by providing poor service, a shoddy product, or a low-value referral. 

This means that we follow through on our promises, including providing valuable content for people who sign up for our mailing list; providing prompt and courteous service to customers and prospective customers - including issuing no-hassle refunds when appropriate; and it means over-delivering on the value of our products.

I guess you could say that we follow the Karmic Laws of marketing - we believe that what goes around comes around. If we do things right, the process can be win-win-win: our customers win, our affiliates win, and we win, too!

We're in it for the long-term, and we hope you are, too. 

Getting Help

If you have a question or suggestion, please feel free to contact us. Our success quite literally depends upon your success, so it makes sense to work together to accomplish our goals. Please remember that this is a mutually beneficial business relationship, and recognize that a courteous approach is the most effective way to generate a courteous and helpful response. 

Advertising Media

Please feel free to provide feedback about the usefulness of existing advertising media, and suggestions for additional media that you would like to use. 

Custom Articles

If you have a high-traffic content-based web site, blog, or e-zine in a content area relevant to smoking cessation (such as health or self-improvement), feel free to contact us to discuss a custom or semi-custom content article for your site which could increase traffic, provide added value to your visitors, and increase sales.

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