Affiliate Program

With over 35,000 products at wholesale prices, we are a leading online retailer of Commercial, Residential Kitchen, and Restaurant Supplies. We provide the best prices to the restaurant owner, caterer, and general consumer, with more vendors, and products added on almost a weekly basis.

Why join us?

- Average sale Over $130!
- 90 Day Referral Period
- Pay Per Call
- We offer a competitive 6% initial commission rate* which can increase to 10% based on performance.*
- 2nd Tier commission opportunity!
- Monthly Performance Incentives and Contests!
- Committed Affiliate Managers!

Monthly Bonuses!

1) Gross Sales for the month of January – Open to ALL AFFILIATES!
a) $1000 in gross sales for the month = $5 bonus
b) $2000 in gross sales for the month = additional $10 bonus + 1% commission increase on all future sales in the month.
c) $4000 in gross sales for the month = additional $15 dollar bonus + additional 1% commission on all future sales in the month.

2) Total Sales Bonus
25 Total Sales = $10 Bonus
35 Total Sales = $20 Bonus
50 Total Sales = $50 Bonus
75 Total Sales = $100 Bonus

3) Activation Bonus
a) Any affiliate who makes their first sale in January will be given an automatic $10 bonus and will earn %10 commission on that sale.

4) Top Affiliate Bonus The top 3 grossing affiliates will earn bonuses as follows.
1) $50
2) $25
3) $10
(These bonuses will not post until the 1st of February.)

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We are here for you.

Our affiliate managers are committed to your success. Every day they will be reviewing the program and making whatever changes necessary to make the program more profitable for you. If at any time you feel you need more information or you have something to contribute please feel free to contact us directly at We are also available via AIM, SKYPE and Yahoo at: Lionsdaffiliatesand MSN - You can also opt to follow us on twitter for up to the minute updates! - @Lionsdaffiliate or on our blog at We pride ourselves on personal service and will respond to any inquiries as soon as possible.

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