Affiliate Program Reasons to promote “You create the memories and we’ll make them last forever” Our Story We live in moments, sometimes fleeting and unremarkable. Others shape the course of the journey we’re on. It’s the creases etched in the corner of the eye from a lifetime of laughter. It’s the moment he popped the question and you said yes. It’s a child’s first step. First day of school. First car. It’s a reflection of who we were once. And who we’ve come to be. The past is a moment captured. A moment cherished. A moment shared. And we’re here to make them last forever. Your memories, our mission Our goal is to provide everyone with the highest quality canvas prints and the best customer service possible. Hundreds of thousands of customers have trusted us to turn their memories into works of art. - Average order value of $140 - Cookie length of 180 days. - Delivery All items purchased through Canvaspop are made pursuant to a shipment contract. Title and risk of loss for all products ordered by you shall pass to you on Canvaspop’s shipment to the shipping carrier. - Commission Rates 5% standard CONTACT US: For any promotional opportunities please contact